Thank you so much for taking time to check us out.  My name is  Shane Shirley Smith, and I am President of Environmental Health-Wellness-Beauty, LLC.  EHWB, LLC.  
We offer consumer information, products and creative partnerships for a greener life and world. Our goal is to help consumers become aware of how their choices impact their health and the health of our environment.  

Our mission to spread the Eco-message has grown to include the main EnvironmentalBooty.com site, the Environmental Health-Wellness-Beauty…Get Informed Now! Blog, a community site and our eco-partnerships we have formed to bring you the Environmental Booty green living shop .

Our EB green living shop is so exciting because it is an easy way for shoppers to get their hands on the products that I love to help them live green!  I invite you to begin or continue your green journey with our Environmental Booty Community and my always growing list of green products I love.  I'll point you in the right direction on Eco-products to help you live green in my Environmental Booty Shop with organics, natural products and ways to live chemical free.  

You decide how quickly or slowly you walk your path to a greener life.  Just remember...our future depends on our knowledge and actions. What choices will you make today that will change your health and the health of our world tomorrow? Please join me in taking small steps, every day, toward a greener tomorrow.  

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead

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