Epiance helps businesses manage their IT driven business process transformations successfully. Hundreds of the best-run companies across the world use Epiplex500 to ensure rapid and effective user adoption for their enterprise application rollouts and upgrades. Epiance enables businesses to dramatically reduce the time-to-competence for any new or upgraded applications, ensuring rapid knowledge transfer & compliance with best practices.

Epiance has a vast range of product suite viz Epiplex500, EPSS500, XYDOCS and Analyzer.

Epiplex500 enables businesses to successfully execute IT driven business transformations by rapidly building high levels of competency amongst users of enterprise IT applications, delivering strong levels of user adoption. Hundreds of the leading companies of the world use Epiplex500 for a range of transformation initiatives such as ERP rollouts and upgrades, knowledge transfer during BPO transitioning stages, automated documentation and certification of user competency levels prior to go-live stage for key business transformations.

Epiplex500 enables automated capture of IT driven business processes executed by ‘Subject Matter Experts’ using the widest range of applications, including all major ERP products and also from a wide range of other packaged and custom developed applications.

The captured processes can be rapidly and automatically converted into a range of knowledge objects, including interactive, media-rich simulations, E-Learning content and process documentation, for training end-users with best practices defined by a company’s experts. E-Learning content can be created in multiple languages, in the widest range of output formats. The accuracy, width and depth of the process capture reduce errors and loss in translation of process knowledge, preventing rework and saving time and costs.

Epiance's EPSS 500 is deployed across the best run companies of the world. EPSS 500 provides contextual, just-in-time, electronic performance support to users of all ERP products as well to users of the widest range of other application software – both packaged and internally custom developed.

EPSS 500 enables businesses to deliver a wide range of knowledge objects – simulations, audio and video files, html and word documents, amongst others, contextualized specifically to each step of a process being executed, enabling user access to these knowledge objects at the click of a button to help complete execution of any business process quickly, efficiently, accurately and in compliance with best practices. This enables companies to dramatically bring down help desk requests, increase employee productivity, improve competency levels and minimize disruptions arising from IT transformations.

XYDOCS is the leading documentation authoring solution for companies looking to automate creation of documentation for a wide range of business needs: documentation for knowledge transfer related to the implementation of a new enterprise application documentation of the business processes of a company or its business units and functions, documentation for regulatory compliance needs etc.

XYDOCS enables organizations to capture business processes executed by the widest range of software applications, including Windows, .Net, Green Screen, Java and Html applications and automatically create documentation in the form of user guides, software manuals, systems documentation, technical manuals etc.

XYDOCS enables instant translation of documentation into 24 different languages and creation of documentation outputs in multiple formats, including Word, Pdf, PPT, Flash and XML. Compared to manual methods for creating documentation, XYDOCS delivers upwards of 80% savings in cost and time.

Epiance Analyzer enables businesses to monitor IT-enabled business processes at highly granular levels and compare user, department, business unit and company process execution metrics to company and industry benchmarks. Powerful analyses and reporting capabilities enable exception monitoring, root cause analyses of process performance and implementation of process compliance guidelines. Processes can be captured not only within a specific application such as ERP, but also across multiple-applications, making Analyzer the only such solution in the industry that can provide intelligence and visibility into business processes that span multiple applications.

Business scenarios where large numbers of users display wide variance in performance metrics in executing the same business process, others where processes have multiple sub-processes within but offer limited visibility at granular levels on metrics such as time to completion, number of steps and errors and the path to completion are ideal candidates for Analyzer-driven process improvement. Analyzer automates and thereby addresses the scalability issues of time and motion studies, while removing the subjectivity inherent in such studies.