About Epic

Epic is a public relations consultancy established in 1993 in San Francisco, California.  Drawn to the vigorous business and social culture of the Pacific Northwest, the company established an office in Seattle, Washington in 1997, and the Los Angeles office opened in January 2009.

Assertive and energetic, Epic is focused on yielding significant results. With aptitude and experience across an array of industries, Epic concentrates closely on Web 2.0, Consumer, Entertainment, Social Media, B2C/B2B companies seeking fresh, innovative and lower-cost brand and product awareness support.

When you work with Epic you are hiring a senior-level professional with over fifteen years in the business of public relations.  Epic dedicates this knowledge to your PR needs 100% of the time.  You will not be given a junior account executive that is just learning the ropes.  

Today, public relations play a much larger part in a company’s bid for success.  Company strategies change in meaningful ways from morning to afternoon. A new competitor comes to light. Something changes. Another company moves into the space and you have to be able to react. The days of long strategy sessions and month-long plan writing are gone. You have to think on your feet. We address that at Epic by creating a company culture and organization that has to be nimble, agile and flexible.  Epic provides public relations that carefully consider where you're trying to go.  Developing a deep understanding of our clients, we provide the strategic experience and third-party objectivity to intelligently communicate your business objectives to the right audience at the right time.  

Working with a limited number of clients (never more than three – with the agency average being six or higher per account executive), Epic is dedicated to understanding your business and delivering laser-focused results.  We can develop your PR game plan or assist in executing and contributing to your existing strategy.

About Michele Largé
Michele is a senior-level public relations, marketing and business development professional whose 15 year career includes helping web-based technology companies, pop culture pioneers and a diverse array of local, regional and national clients achieve out-of-the-park results.  

With the naissance of tabloid TV in the early 1980’s – Michele began her career at KPIX TV in San Francisco as a junior Associate Producer in the genre that would later give birth to reality television that dominates the entertainment and pop-culture industries today.

Honing a knack and talent for identifying emerging trends, Michele quickly diversified her skill set to include the exploding technology and digital media industry where she helped to launch one of the country’s first technology newsmagazines, The Site, that aired nightly on MSNBC, CNBC International and NBC in Europe and Asia.  Long before Web 2.0, Michele was zooming in on early-stage companies that were at the intersection of search, media and technology, cultivating and creating public relations and marketing campaigns for companies in the online advertising, Internet search and online audio/video sharing space that laid the groundwork for the YouTube, Google and Twitter’s of today.

Insightful, resourceful and street-smart, Michele’s common sense approach blooms in her communication style – giving voice to oft-confusing and sometimes arrogant tech jargon nobody uses or understands in real life, and putting it in front of potential clients, journalists, investors, and analysts in language that your grandmother could understand.  Her flair in telling a client’s story, their value proposition and why they matter is demonstrated in her ability to secure colossal media coverage.  Michele’s clients regularly enjoy coverage that range from national morning shows such as NBC’s “Today", daily print and online heavyweights such as The Wall Street Journal and USA Today, along with top tech and science news outlets like CNET and Wired.  Michele is also at the forefront of social media marketing techniques and strategies that are paying off with massive awareness and brand building results.  Solid relationships within the analyst community regularly result in market-swaying commentary and coverage for her clients.  A comment from a previously low-awareness client said it best, “I’m a little embarrassed at all the media coverage we’ve received.”

Energetic and somewhat restless by nature, Michele has the instinctive ability to network incessantly yet efficiently, creating dynamic new partnerships and solution-based opportunities that help companies to succeed.    

Michele’s collective experience working intimately with emerging and established leaders has earned her the deserved reputation for flawless execution of the PR, marketing and business development process with energy to burn.