Today there is growing attention and increasing need for training surgical skills outside the OR. Several reasons for this trend are patient safety, cost-effectiveness, ethical and legal matters.

Epona Medical provides training and simulation for all minimal invasive disciplines
The LAP-X is a special designed training simulator with the aim at laparoscopy skills training. Through the special controller design in combination with the exercises, the LAP-X delivers you a training simulator for all minimal invasive surgical fields such as:

- General surgery
- Gynecology
- Urology
- And a special designed simulator for arthroscopy, ARTHRO-X

Minimal invasive surgery (MIS) is a rapidly evolving technology and has been increasingly performed in surgical treatment due to the benefits it provides to patients. This means that training for MIS has become ever more important and is required for all young surgeons and surgery assistants. A simulator offers the opportunity to train in a safe and controlled environment, where mistakes can be made without harming an actual patient. Access to simulation based training is a must for healthcare professionals; however, not every hospital can afford a simulation system because all the simulators in the markets nowadays are too expensive.

Epona Medical created the LAP-X with the commitment to provide medical professionals worldwide not only a high tech yet affordable training tool, but also with an effective educational tool that is firmly grounded on their need for training and education. We can say without hesitation that LAP-X is the most affordable simulator in the market today.”