Formulated by equine nutritionist Dr. Amy Gill, the Equi-Force Equine Product line is specifically formulated to help alleviate clinical symptoms associated with growth, metabolic, immune and exercise related disorders of performance horses. Equi-Force Equine Products are unique and unlike your typical horse supplement because they are targeted nutrient therapies. Targeted nutrient therapy focuses on specific ingredients and/or nutrients that are administered at a therapeutic level and are known to exert a physiological effect. The Equi-Force Equine Product line only formulates products that are targeted nutrient therapies; we do not take a "shotgun" approach to formulation, where products contain many ingredients but not enough of each to be effective.

As a targeted nutrient therapy, Equi-Force products provide the horse with the building blocks needed to help correct a nutritional deficiency or imbalance. Equi-Force products exert an effect through research based formulations that have been clinically tested and shown to be effective. The Equi-Force range represents equine nutrition optimized through proven science.

The Equi-Force line contains products in the following categories:
       - Digestive Support
       - Bone & Joint Supplements
       - Energy Fuels
       - Metabolic Support
       - Omega 3 Fatty Acids
       - Immune Support
       - Vitamin & Minerals
       - Electrolytes

Additional information on our products and equine nutritionist Dr. Amy Gill can be found at www.equiforce.com