Equine BodyWorks LLC is a Wisconsin-based company serving horses and their owners, riders, drivers and trainers throughout the United States.  With a commitment to Revealing Affliction, Reducing Discomfort, and Improving Movement & Performance™ Equine BodyWorks’ founder, Becky Tenges, works with equine athletes from the highest level of equestrian sport to the backyard horse companion.  Combining knowledge and expertise gained from the world’s top equine industry professionals in Performance Bodywork, Infrared Thermal Imaging, and Saddle Fit, Becky offers a comprehensive approach to assessing, improving and assuring the horse's well-being through results-oriented bodywork, cutting-edge diagnostic technology, and world-class saddle fit methodologies.  In addition, through the Online Store at www.Equine BodyWorksUSA.com, Becky offers a select list of well-researched, innovative, trusted and proven products designed to improve wellness, prevent injury and/or support recovery and which are Good for the Horse and Good for the Rider.