About Scott & Erb Photography

Erb Photography is a fast-growing commercial photography business run by Scott Erb. Located in Worcester, Massachusetts. The business specializes in small product photography, as well as editorial and commercial portraiture. Scott enjoys location work, and welcomes any challenge to "work within the unknown"--with consistently pleasing results.

Scott has always worked closely with his clients to built strong, lasting relationships, the foundation of which is making their vision a reality. He has helped create outstanding portraits of people who represent all of these organizations and their services, as well as producing images for their web sites, brochures, and annual reports.

Scott is the President of CIPNE (Commercial Industrial Photographers of New England), where he has won numerous awards in print competitions over the years. He is a photographer and talent scout for Dynasty Modeling Agency of Boston. Scott is also the founder of the Worcester Photographic Meetup Group, also known as the Worcester Photography Center, which has a growing membership of over 380. He participates in events with the Boston Photography Center year round. Scott has also been a member of The Griffin Museum of Photography and ArtsWorcester for several years.

Skills & Experience
Scott’s ability to utilize the latest digital technologies and his expansive knowledge of traditional photographic techniques allows him to draw from the wide spectrum of photographic tools that exist in the world today keeping him on its cutting edge. His respect for traditional techniques and his understanding of where new technologies are headed, allows him to better understand what his customer wants now. To this end, he regularly attends seminars and workshops to keep himself a leader in the ever-changing world of photography and digital imaging.

Teaching,  Workshops, & Lectures
Scott is currently teaching Digital Photography 1 & Digital Photography 2 courses at the Worcester Art Museum. These classes cover everything from camera equipment and lighting techniques to Adobe Photoshop for digital editing.

Scott also specializes in teaching his own high end lighting workshops. Students learn a variety of techniques from "high key" to "low key" studio lighting as well as, one, two, and three lighting set ups. Each workshop always has participants working with professional models. These workshops are not just teaching grounds, but encourage an environment for individual creativity.

Scott has lectured in the past to large and small groups, and is currently available to speak at your photographic events. If you are looking for someone who will share their energy, enthusiasm and passion for photography, Scott is a perfect fit.

Scott's creative eye, professionalism, and photographic talent have kept his clients happy and coming back to him for all their photographic needs. Working with Scott is working with someone who can see what you want and give you exactly that ~ and perhaps even a little more. If you want to create greater appeal for your commercial, corporate, or small business, you can make it happen with Erb Photography.