Delivering Tour Services Through Out Ethiopia - Milly Ethiopia Tours offers cultural, historical, adventurous tours! Furthermore youll experience great bird watching, wild life safaris showing amazing Jelada baboons, Wolves & Swaynes Hartebeest! Ethiopia charismatic animals throughout our Country’s national parks are a tremendous pleasure to visit, a life changing experience!

Milly Ethiopia Tours focus on safety, tailor made tours, the highest quality services with an extremely low cost! Keeping our clients travel budget below their expectations too exceed needs is our mission! We believe that without wildlife, tourism is nothing, so we host any volunteers to get involve in environmental activities, like tree planting & helping the wildlife rescue organizations, finally focusing on helping community children in poverty in Ethiopia!

We have achieved a license  from ministry of culture and tourism in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, furthermore I have completed courses such as History of Ethiopia, Wildlife , psychology, computer training, English, French to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Milly Ethiopia Tours believes that clients should get great satisfactions from our tour package by offering unexplored tourist attraction sites with safety. The industry needs new free reliable promotions about Ethiopia's beautiful wildlife & natural wonders!

Milly Ethiopia Tours offers excellent and easy access to all of the famous historical & natural attraction. Basically our professional tourist service is close to many if not all of our wonderful tourist attraction, like the Rockhewin church of Lalibelas, Semin mountains National park & Denakil depression to Eratle ( northen east Ethiopia).

Our highest price is $4,300 US Dollars per Per. - $1,300 Us dollar based on number of travelers with a range of wonderful accommodations ,The type of tours are cultural tours to the Omo valley, historical tours in northern Ethiopia, adventures tours to Denakail depression (the north east Part of Ethiopia)!! Please note that the prices vary on the duration of days, the degrees of accommodations and the number of travelers.