About National Testing Network  

National Testing Network, Inc. (NTN), provides an innovative approach to test development, candidate scheduling and support, test administration, and scoring. Our continuous nation-wide recruitment support and test administration services were specifically designed to increase department ability to identify top performers and increase candidate diversity. NTN’s proven entry-level process maximizes prediction and has no adverse impact, making the process more equitable for all groups.

Approximately 520,000 public safety candidates have been processed through NTN’s entry-level testing systems, making us the most well-recognized public safety testing company across the nation.  As NTN’s reach expands, so does our total number of diverse candidates. NTN’s continued increase in a diverse applicant pool, over 187% since 2012, is the result of our effective testing model, refined and focused on removing traditional candidate barriers to employment.

What sets National Testing Network apart from other testing companies is our attention to detail and our high-fidelity test development that simulates on-the-job challenges to measure the crucial knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics (KSAOs) critical to the ranks being tested at public safety departments across the United States and Canada.