Ergotech Group, Inc. is the leading full service provider of innovative ergonomic LCD monitor mounts, LCD arms and ergonomic workspace solutions. Based out of Westchester, NY, Ergotech is known for exceptional tool-less engineering and quality product design. Our multi-monitor mounting solutions are deployed across the globe in a variety of environments including the financial sector, Command and Broadcasting Control Centers, Emergency Operations/911 Call Centers, Medical Monitoring, Publishing, Graphics, Design, Corporate Offices and even Retail locations. Ergotech’s LCD monitor mounting solutions are designed to make the workplace more comfortable, more functional and ultimately more productive.

Ergotech Group, Inc. was founded back in 2000. Our unique spirit of innovation in conjunction with our focus on quality has fueled the company’s expansion and driven success. Ergotech broke into the financial sector back in early 2003 by introducing the Quad Multiple Monitor Mount System, with specially designed features for Financial Trading desks. Our experience in mission critical systems has allowed Ergotech to evolve in both innovation and quality, with a more recently focus on aesthetic design and functionality.

Ergotech’s product line includes single and dual monitor mount solutions, large multi-screen solutions for up to 30” flat panel monitors, desk stand systems, keyboard tray and arm combinations as well as CPU and laptop ergonomic solutions. Ergotech’s Desktop Management System was developed over a five year time period of extensive research and testing based on valuable input from architects, facility managers, IT professionals and end users. It’s the only Desktop Management System today that is designed and engineered to meet the needs of the multi-screen Financial Trading environment and is the system of choice by professionals in many industries.