Erudyte Ltd was founded in 2005 and today specialises in working alongside people who are considered amongst their peers as Rainmakers.

All our Rainmakers deliver their knowledge in a variety of different ways, with the most popular being: Speaking, Consulting, Training and one to one Mentoring.

To become a Rainmaker, a person has to be known for achieving results above and beyond the norm. To be one of our Rainmakers, they also have to be able to transfer their knowledge in a variety of different formats in order to suit the needs of our clients.

We know from our years of working within industry and businesses how important it is for you, our clients, to be able to gain experience and take on board new information in many different styles; be it at a conference, in a seminar or one to one.
Erudyte brings all these together in a unique way where one of our Rainmakers can kick off your conference, assist you in follow up and then personally mentor your business leaders; thereby enabling complete congruency, value for money and lasting benefits.

Traditionally businesses have used consultants, trainers, coaches, speakers etc, often sourced from different organisations. We believe all these can be delivered more effectively using one very 'expert' source - our Rainmakers.