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Established in 2006, Espère Healthcare Ltd was set up to create and develop a totally new market in medical treatment - biofunctional textiles. A wide range of garments has been developed that are manufactured from new materials specifically designed to produce therapeutic rather than just protective effects, either on their own or in conjunction with currently used conventional medication.

DermaSilk Therapeutic Clothing is manufactured from specially knitted medical grade fibroin. This is derived from silk which has been stripped of its outer coating to make it hypoallergenic, and is used widely for medical sutures. This fabric is specially bonded with AEM 5772/5, a patented antimicrobial shield which has been used in hospitals for over 30 years and has proven ability to inhibit bacterial and fungal growth on fabrics such as operating theatre gowns. It acts by electrostatically attracting and physically puncturing bacteria and fungi. There is no chemical released from the silk to poison the cells and no chemicals or nano-particles are released onto the skin.

DermaSilk Therapeutic Clothing has been approved as a Class 1 medical device for use by the medical profession on NHS prescription since 2007.  DermaSilk garments are used in the treatment and management of eczema by consultant dermatologists, GPs and nurses. Further indications have been added to the DermaSilk prescription portfolio to cover other conditions such as gravitational eczema in the elderly and epidermolysis bullosa, a severe and debilitating skin condition. Further research for the therapeutic use of DermaSilk in other conditions has shown very promising results.

DermaSilkIntimo is the newest product in the range. The inclusion of 4% elastane compliments the inherent stretch properties of the silk and has led to a new range of seamless designs. The latest clinical trials have shown the efficacy of these garments in relieving symptoms in women suffering from lichen sclerosus and candida infections.

Espère are also driving the development of these fabrics into new areas, and trials are in progress for the use of DermaSilk in lymphoedema, trench foot and end of life care. Other fabric technologies are also currently being investigated.

DermaTherapy® is a registered trademark of Precision Fabrics Group Inc.

DermaSilk was recently featured on NHS TV   http://ow.ly/8JbRQ

For more information about DermaSilk’s range of therapeutic clothing, visit www.DermaSilk.co.uk.

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