We created EuGoodNews as the Internet has many great services which allow you to find new friends, new websites and new photos. What it hasn't been great for is finding a way to connect through your interests, passions, hobbies etc.

EuGoodNews aims to be the default site for joining and creating clubs and Communities for any hobby, sport, business, political or other interest or affiliation as long as it is positive!

Real news, compelling stories, always positive, our members reporting positive stories from around Europe, and you've got one happy place for good news.

The current site is the starting point of this journey. Over the next few months, EuGN will become even more sophisticated and will allow you, as the user, to communicate through your interests.

On this website people from all over Europe can be brought together and mingle finding the hottest things to do.

EuGoodNews.com provides all types of classified ads for selling goods, selling items, advertising your business or website, personals, events and even lost and found!

If you are looking to get your social network on, EuGoodNews.com works just like other worldwide sites such as MySpace, Face Book and other social networks.

The Internet has revolutionized how people live their lives and it constantly expanding its reach daily around us. EuGN brings the power of social networking to you, essentially bringing you your own, personal EuGoodNews social networking site.

Here you can network with your friends, build your own personal profile page where your friends can communicate with you as well as add your favorite photos, videos and music.

You'll also find active discussions are able to be started, specialized member groups created, RSS news feeds to tap into, personal blogs to be written. There really is no limit to what members will be able to create with their EuGN social networking site.