What is the Euro Souvenir?
The Euro Souvenir is like a real Euro bank note; it is printed on banknote (i.e. cotton) paper and has all the security features of a banknote: watermark, security stripe, microprint, unique serial number, UV light features etc.

Amazingly it has a "0" as a value on it. It is not a currency, but as the name implies, a Euro Souvenir banknote.

What is the Euro Souvenir for?
The main purpose of the Euro Souvenir is the one of any souvenir, i.e. to be a memory or a souvenir of a place, country, institution etc. It can be sold by any tourist or visitor attraction (such as museums, fun parks, zoos, built heritage attraction etc.) and allow them to diversify their revenue.

In the later stage of our project, it will be possible for tourist attraction management to get their own photo of their attraction printed on the Euro Souvenir, so the attraction has their own, personalized souvenir to sell to tourists and visitors. But first, we start with the Euro souvenir note for Ireland with the celtic harp.

As this is a very innovative product, it will lead to additional revenue for the tourists attractions. Everybody knows postcards - they exist for decades and are still being sold in the millions. But who has seen such an innovative product like a souvenir banknote? You can fold it easily and keep it in a wallet (what is not as easy with a postcard) and show it to people. The perfect memorabilia for any tourist or visitor!

Imagine their faces when you make fun and pretend to "pay" with a banknote that looks absolutely real, and people realize the 0 EUR value... We tried it and it's really funny!

Additionally the product is a very nice collectible, and if there are the first nice customer motives and themes, people might start collecting them (e.g. for people who collect banknotes, coins or stamps). There will be 5000 of the note printed initially.

But again, the main purpose is to be a very nice souvenir product that later can be personalized with the theme or picture of a tourist or visitor location, in order to help those attractions in Ireland to strengthen their brand, improve their marketing and diversify the revenues.

A personalized Euro Souvenir Note
Showing The Tourist And Cultural Sites Of Ireland
The Euro Souvenir Note, which is is essence a Euro bank note with zero value and a personalized picture of a tourist attraction, has only been available since 2015 for a few countries so far, for example France (2015), Germany (2016) and Portugal. Finally, customers in Ireland can get their own Euro Souvenir Note with a picture of their attraction printed on it, we just need a photo.

The Euro Souvenir is an excellent marketing medium and high-quality advertising material for your attraction. The impact on the visitors is really stunning, they truly love it. Target group are tourists, visitors and collectors. The souvenir note is popular with all age groups. An impulse purchase with added value! The Euro Souvenir Note is the reference product for all tourist attractions and has become one of the most purchased souvenirs in the countries where it is available.

As the international press reports and news coverage from France and Germany show, there is much excitement around the Euro Souvenir notes, or "zero euro notes", how some call them. The notes are hugely successful and have become a substantial revenue driver for those institutions who have issued their own notes, as tourists, visitors and collectors even from foreign countries love them and have bought them.

In some cases, the notes were already sold out before the actual release, so there was an urgent need to print more to satisfy the huge demand. What is unfortunate is that there are no zero euro notes from Ireland yet available, but this has now changed and institutions and customers from Ireland can send in their photos with the beautiful tourist and visitor attractions of Ireland, and we will arrange the printing.

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