A fresh, conscious take on the traditional talent agency concept, Ev0lver Inc. creates and implements strategies to evolve your brand. Ev0lver believes in maximizing the talents of our incredible personnel in ways beyond the norm to help our clients and talent flourish; Ev0lver is a full-service talent agency offering traditional talent (models, actors, musicians, etc.) while specializing in experiential activations, festivals, conventions, in-store campaigns, hospitality / restaurant programs, sales, and PR. We offer solutions for all segments of various industries (food / beverage, automotive, aviation, travel, fashion, tech, etc.), and especially treasure the opportunity to work with luxury brands, “green” / eco-friendly companies, start-ups, and innovators. If you have a quality product or service to sell, you may also inquire about the sales consulting, activation, and strategic planning offered through the “sales incubator” program. If you need a helping hand shining light on a launch, new concept, or a noteworthy executive, our PR team is also standing by to get you the regional, national and global recognition to help you make a bigger impact. Ev0lver is proud to be a minority female-owned and operated entity, with equal opportunities, and an underlying emphasis on diversity.