Eval & GO is a fully integrated online survey solution. The suite includes survey creation, advanced analysis, professional reporting and contact management.

The drag and drop technology provides for easy survey creation based on hundreds of possible question types and options.  The Look & Feel generator makes survey creation a snap. You can use one of our designer themes or customize your own.  The fully integrated revolutionary data analysis engine allows custom analysis using drag and drop technology with no previous data analysis skills required.  Finally! Easy to do analysis without being an excel prodigy. Advanced cross-tabulation and scoring are both possible with a few clicks.  You can then get a 1-click automatic report or use our fully customizable layout to create your own using the data you want.  Using the integrated Report Creator your reports will have an ultra-professional finish and then be ready for export to Word, PDF, Excel or for publishing online.  In addition, our contact manager allows you to create and manage your own contact database easily and efficiently.  Eval&GO is a comprehensive survey solution, providing the follow-up you need to turn your surveys into meaningful data you can use.  Eval & GO provides useful business solutions for any individual or company from start-ups to Fortune 500s.