March 25, 2009
Insurance training firm teaches honesty, integrity to fuel long-term profitable growth.
Evenbetteryet, LLC has contracted with a west coast mutual insurance company to secure profitable growth in an a highly competitive property & casualty insurance market.  Bernard L. Rosauer, the firm's president, opened it's doors in January of 2009 after spending 21 years working within the operations of three WARD 50 ®  carriers in the midwest and says that he is looking forward to bringing his Methodology for Improvement to insurers throughout North America.  In his own words, Mr. Rosauer says he wants to "help companies change the way people think about
insurance."  These days, he says, "many insurer's are interested in improving their brands because of the fallout from some of the industry giants who treated customers with utter disrespect".
The firm's approach to operational and cultural improvement is based on three specific areas.  "First", Rosauer says, "every activity must be based on what customers would be willing to pay for and must be done in a way that encourages unsolicted referrals. "  "Second, employees must respect what they do, the company they're doing it with, and the customers they're doing it for."   "Third, companies need to continually focus on preventing waste and encouraging innovation".  
Aside from training and consulting services, the firm offers a solution called 'Anonysystem' to encourage the free flow of honest employee feedback.  It also publishes "The P&C Executive Strength Journal" which it offers free of charge to any insurers who wish to subscribe.
CONTACT:  Bernard L. Rosauer
PHONE:     920.716.1284