With almost 20 years experience and expertise in an industry that is notorious for “fly-by-nights”, Event Organisation is the industry leader when it comes to specialist large scale corporate events.  Under the guidance of Mish Hicks, who brings her passion, experience and drive to get the job done to the highest global standards, you get a team of professionals who look after your every need.

Event Organisation has a proven track record of delivering on your objectives and needs:from concept to costing, from planning to staging, our team is with you every step of the way.

Most important, Event Organisation specialises in taking care of the legislative, emergency and crowd control compliance requirements essential to holding a successful large scale corporate event.

With us, it's so much fun it can't possibly be legal - but it is!

Event Organisation was established in 1997. Over the years we have gained a reputation as a business with a solid professional track record that sets us apart in an industry with low barriers to entry.

With us, it's so much fun it can't possibly be legal - but it is!Nearly 80% of our clients have remained loyal, re-appointing the business every year to handle a variety of events that enhance their marketing and sales strategy. Event Organisation’s marketing expertise enables enhanced understanding and agreement of objectives with clients and matching these with innovative events that set clients apart and enhance their reputations.

Why Event Organisation?

We act in full compliance with the Safety of Persons at Sports and Recreational Events Act of 2010;
Solid track record with repeat business and client endorsements;
An ability to understand the marketing imperatives and match them with awesome events;
You deal with the top people all of the time, you will not be fobbed off onto a junior team. There is only one A team and that is at your disposal at all times;
We select best-of-breed suppliers with whom we have an excellent track record. This enables us to negotiate the best rates for venues, catering, creative work, promotional gear and the other myriad of elements that go into a memorable event;
Our approach is open and transparent; we like to engage honestly on matters of budgets and payments;
With a small team of professionals, we keep our overheads to a minimum and can pass any savings onto you;
Our positive approach ensures that elements of fun and enjoyment are present, even as we approach the deadline;
We can arrange events across Southern Africa;
With our broad and tested network we are able to recommend top people in aligned disciplines such as public relations and advertising.

A little more about Event Organisation...

Event Organisation is a proactive company specialising in the management and co-ordination of large scale corporate and special events. We pride ourselves on the personalised, professional and friendly service we give our clients. Attention to detail, and our knowledge of the legislative, emergency and crowd control requirements sets us apart from our competitors.

What's important to us?

The relationship that we build with our clients mean that we work together again and again;
Commitment to our suppliers;
Our experience and expertise with regard to legislative and emergency compliance, and our relationships with emergency services, municipal authorities and other relevant authorities;
Our creative and unusual approach;
We operate as entrepreneurs, so we’re flexible and quick in our response time.

Why event marketing?

Event marketing has become an essential tool in the marketing arsenal. Clients appreciate the opportunity to control their message and target them precisely, avoiding clutter and wastage. In addition there is the unusual opportunity afforded by event marketing: that of meeting objectives through creating value for clients and customers, building strong relationships and interacting personally in a meaningful and competitive manner.

Event Organisation is a proactive company, its core activity being the management and co-ordination of large scale corporate, business, promotional, sporting and special events.


Relationships with relevant regulatory bodies
Expertise & professionalism
Market driven
Possibility of not utilising internal staff
Assist and complement existing departments
Cost effectiveness and flexibility
Ability to handle large scale events
Additional Services
Event related promotional gifts and clothing
Corporate banners and alternative branding
PR and advertising functions
Straight management fee
Percentage cost of total budget
Percentage on disbursements
Trade discounts
Retainer basis