Everland Studios is a Sydney recording studio providing recording, mixing and mastering services to indie bands and artists. Contact us for a quote on your recording studio project. We will be happy to give you a no obligation tour of the recording studios.

Head engineer Ben Worsey’s recording philosophy is to get the right sound to ‘tape’ by using correct microphone placement and judicious EQ during the recording process rather than trying to fix it in the mix.

The recording studio comprises a comfortable, well equipped control-room, a 6x4m live room and two amp isolation booths. The acoustically treated live room is one of the best-sounding small/medium studio recording rooms in Sydney. It has a floating floor and sound isolation. Acoustic instruments such as guitars and strings shine and it has a great controlled sound for tracking drums. The room is large enough to accomodate a 4-5 piece band.

Everland is a digital/analogue hybrid recording studio, running  Pro-tools HD10 software on an HD2 system. An SSL X-desk is the hub through which the analogue outboard is integrated into the signal chain, adding character from a variety of vintage and modern equipment