Evermore is an emerging movement of concerned citizens who believe that bereavement care in America is broken. We are committed to an America where all families and professionals have access to care, programs, tools, policies and resources to respond and adjust to loss.

We believe our nation’s public and private leaders should take urgent action to address and support our families during their most fragile and darkest hour– and change the systems that often cause additional victimization and trauma. Changing our nation’s awareness and response to bereavement has never been more important.

Many of us have lost a loved one. Many of us have experienced the injustices “the system” placed on us. We lost our jobs. Our family’s strained. Our friends slipped away. Our finances depleted. As we were told that our loved ones were in a “better place” or happier now. These hardships are unnecessary and cannot persist. We can change the future for those to come.