Everwild Spirits is an award-winning craft bourbon distillery, located in downtown Sandusky, Ohio. Founded by Rick and Gia Lynch in 2020, Everwild Spirits is a new vision for of a story that began more than 100 years ago…

Now, Rick and Gia, along with her brother, Jude, seek to reclaim this lost family legacy with the launch of Everwild Spirts, a new modern craft bourbon distillery in Sandusky, Ohio.

They were inspired by this family history to develop and craft unique and distinctive bourbon whiskeys that represent the local land and grains of their native Ohio. New White American Oak barrels are grown, harvested and coopered by the Speyside Bourbon Cooperage in Jackson, Ohio. The grains (corn, rye, wheat, and barley) are grown, harvested and processed from local northern Ohio farms.

Everwild embodies the essence of the summertime season along the north coast, where locals and visitors alike take time off for their annual family vacation. That excitement, anticipation, the exhilaration you feel, escaping everyday life to seek fun, adventure and new experiences… that’s Everwild.