"Every Battery" is an Australian owned and operated battery store, staffed by people who really know and care about batteries, battery-charging and battery maintenance. We sell almost every type of battery and charger direct to the public from our high-street Store and also our online site. We also service trade and public sector customers via our specialist Account Sales Manager, and we would be happy to hear from you to discuss setting up a trade account.

We cheerfully provide expert advice and ongoing support to our customers - even if that means we miss out on a sale. We want to ensure you get the right battery for your needs and can help with all matters relating to fitting, charging, storage and disposal across a huge range of battery types and chemistries.

Unlike a franchise we are free to stock and sell whatever products we wish to, not being tied in to a limited selection because of franchisor restrictions. Similarly we pass on savings to our customers from our lower cost base and lack of franchise fees.

We have a fully qualified and experienced Electronics Engineer in our team to help customers, and we custom make specialised battery packs on the premises using our low temperature battery spot welding equipment if required.

We employ staff who have experience in the testing, fitting and charging of batteries of all types, and we sell related systems such as solar panels and solar controllers (regulators) plus DC to AC inverters. Our staff can relate to the needs of our customers, whether its a house battery for a motorhome or solar installation, or simply a new battery for a camera or car.

Deep Cycle batteries are a speciality. Motorhomes, Boats, Golf carts and many other vehicles need batteries capable of deep discharge for lights, TV, fridges etc. These Deep cycle batteries are often a source of customer concern and although we believe that you get what you pay for in this field we do try and stock quality batteries to suit all budgets. Look in our deep cycle section to get help in finding the right one.