Every Women Works, Inc. (EWW), is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization; ‘moving women from dependency to self-sufficiency’ through structured programs in: family leadership, parenting, job readiness skills, spiritual empowerment, health & wellness and financial independence; since 2004.  

EWW has served over 1,400 women and has positively impacted the lives of over 3,600 children.  The excellence achieved within EWW is reflective in the following results: 98% of students have graduated and have secured employment –while 90% of that ratio, has sustained employment after six-months, and are now living self-sufficient lives filled with self-esteem and spiritual empowerment!

The Backstory:  
In 2000, the Founder of EWW, Tillie O’Neal-Kyles, discovered her vision while walking on the beach with her son shortly after retiring from AT&T, after thirty-six years.   She envisioned a nourishing environment in which women become empowered by providing the necessary tools they need to achieve financial independence, personal growth, family leadership and a spiritual foundation.  Shortly there after, Miss. Tillie was led to an opportunity to serve as a consultant for a substance abuse recovery center; immediately responding to the calling, she began transferring her business organizational & interdepartmental skill sets, and eclectic communication abilities –elevating the center’s high-performance teams, structuring the implementation of policies and procedures –while assisting women in overcoming addictions and personal challenges.  

While working at the treatment center; nearly four years later, Miss. Tillie discovered that many of the women from that center –lacked the necessary skills to maintain their progress.  It was at this point, she knew it was time to launch the organization she had envisioned that day on the beach.

In 2004, Miss. Tillie utilized her 401K to kick-start EWW.   Over the years, her ministry/learning center has received local and national acclaim for its contributions to the community; and as a result, EWW has attracted tremendous support from: sponsors, corporate partners, faith based organizations, philanthropic individuals, not-for-profit organizations and volunteers.  Notably, each of these contributors continually demonstrates their support, invested interest and generosity-of-spirit –to accelerating the excellence being achieved by EWW!  Those for whom, lovingly recognize, the unique set of circumstances and challenges endured by the women EWW serves; namely: women veterans, women recovering from alcohol and drug addiction; women that have been abused, homeless and/or women, transitioning from the penal system.  

Its flagship service model; BEES (Busy Empowering/Educating & Employing Students) Program, focuses on: barriers to employment through education; self-development; empowerment; life skills; career development and mentoring.  Here, women are provided the tools, training and education necessary to sustain self-sufficiency.  The BEES Program; an 8-week comprehensive curriculum, features seven programs: Computer Skills/Training and Testing; Interviewing Skills/Resume Preparation; Dressing for Success; Customer Service Skills; Family Leadership; Health, Wellness & Fitness, and Job Placement.

Their sustainability track record clearly demonstrates student’s ability to maintaining employment post graduation; this statistic is largely contributed by, EWW’s Follow-Up Support Process!  This ongoing segment of the platform enhances the graduate’s transition into the workforce; the decline of recidivism rates in Georgia, and EWW’s success ratio!   The ongoing counseling includes: assessment reports and the review of:  individual job performance; identifying the refinement of newly developed skill sets, while complementing… the expectations of their new position and the culture of the company in which they are now employed with!   It is the result of this ongoing strategy that: 8 out-of-every 10 students graduate; secure employment by area businesses on their own or secure employment through, EWW’s corporate partners’ Intern Programs; specifically earmarked for EWW graduates.  

EWW also recognized the service model as a great starting point –to supporting the needs of Women Veterans, which helped launch EWW’s BEES Vets (onsite and offsite) Program, in March of 2013.

The BEES Vets Program includes EWW’s 8 week comprehensive learning program –plus an additional 2 weeks.  Featuring additional support and training, customized to:  identifying and helping women veterans heal from the devastating and often hidden effects of trauma –associated with PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder) and MST (military sexual trauma).   BEES Vets’ tools and individualized skill sets are specifically earmarked to enable and enhance their ability to create a life of recovery, peace and healing.