Excelect is the ideal expert partner to empower commercial organisations to disrupt the status quo within the life sciences and healthcare sectors. We offer a unique blend of academic, clinical and commercial expertise to deliver a comprehensive range of paradigm-shifting solutions to clients. Our core mission is to utilise our unrivalled network to accelerate innovation and add outstanding value to our partners.

Excelect's core mission is to empower healthcare and life science organisations to deliver outstanding results to their clients and patients in a collaborative, efficient and ethical manner. Based in Cambridge UK, Excelect complements its substantial in-house expertise by connecting to an unrivalled network of scientific, clinical and commercial experts to deliver paradigm-shifting solutions to its partners. Numerous corporate organisations from start-ups to multinationals have engaged Excelect's services to build highly successful commercial biotech offerings at the frontier of science.

Every Excelect client benefits from a bespoke and highly tailored solution led by its Founder and Managing Director, Kourosh Saeb-Parsy MA MB BChir FRCS PhD. A leading and prolific researcher and clinician at the University of Cambridge, Kourosh also has extensive commercial experience and acumen in biotechnology, biomedical and healthcare sectors. He has worked with numerous commercials organisations to on all project types from product inception and preclinical R&D to clinical trials. A seasoned Chief Medical Officer, he has extensive experience and insight at Board level and is intimately familiar with all corporate activities including business strategy, fund raising, regulation, communication and marketing. Kourosh has an outstanding track recording in utilising his unique multidisciplinary academic, clinical, educational and commercial experience and networks to help Excelect deliver outstanding value to partner organizations within the life sciences and healthcare sectors.

Excelect’s exceptional and wide-ranging expertise in biotechnology, healthcare and education enables it to create bespoke solutions for clients’ every need. Our areas of expertise include:

Biomedical sciences including cell biology, anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and pathology
Stem cells and regenerative medicine
Clinical disorders including cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and metabolic diseases, infectious diseases, autoimmunity and transplantation
Diagnostics including laboratory assays, clinical investigations and imaging
Clinical interventions including pharmacotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery
Biobanking and tissue storage
Medical technologies and devices
Biomedical education and training
Medical law and ethics
Healthcare infrastructure, logistics and economics
Patient, consumer and stakeholder engagement and communication

Excelect can add outstanding value to its partners by contributing to and leading all aspects of business strategy and operations.  Clients can engage Excelect for defined projects or as part of continuing partnership to deliver a range of services including:

Overall business strategy
Direction of R&D, medical and clinical strategy at board level
Laboratory and pre-clinical in vitro and in vivo research design
Clinical research design, including randomised controlled trials
Technology review and appraisal
Intellectual property
Fund-raising, including investor relations and non-dilutive awards
Market appraisal
Quality Control and process mapping
Regulatory affairs and approvals
Education and training
Editorial support, communication and consumer relations
Networking and introductions

Visit www.excelect.guru or contact enquiries@excelect.guru to explore a bespoke partnership tailored to surpass the needs and expectations of your organisation.