Excelerate Discovery is a leading ediscovery and document review management company.  Our core focus is providing corporations and their outside counsel with contract attorneys and project managers to assist with document review projects in litigation, investigations and merger-related inquiries.  

In addition, and because of the interrelated nature of document review and the other processes within the ediscovery workflow model (see www.edrm.net), Excelerate also provides a comprehensive scope of related services and ediscovery products.   These include:

(1) Providing space and infrastructure for ediscovery and review projects;
(2) Project management and consulting;
(3) Technology implementation and integration, including automated review and coding, as well as hosting and review platform solutions;
(4) Domestic on-shore solutions (in lower cost centers across the US);
(5) Fixed, unit-based pricing options that bring certainty, transparency and clarity to review; and, last but not least,
(6) Captive solutions, where Excelerate can set up a dedicated review facility, attorney review and project management team along with the technology infrastructure, providing you with your own in-house ediscovery end-to-end solution.