Founded by Mr. M. Damodaran, Excellence Enablers is a one stop corporate governance advisory firm which provides services in areas such as board performance improvement, board evaluation, governance audit, training of directors and KMPs. All our offerings are tailor-made to the specific needs of organisations or individuals concerned.  

We have a number of highly experienced and renowned consultants and faculty members who have helped, and continue to help, us deliver programmes that have been well received. Our eminent advisory board members bring with them a deep commitment to set higher standards for corporate governance practices in India.

In furtherance of our motto, "Adding value, not ticking boxes"‚Äč, we organise Gatekeepers of Governance, our flagship annual 2 day Corporate Governance Summit which is a clarion call to spread the message that good governance is a necessary condition for sustained performance in increasingly competitive times. In addition, we also organise stakeholder interfaces with different stakeholders of governance.