Excelsior's Trust's mission is to:-

● Preserve the Excelsior ship and other historic sailing vessels

● Authentically sail and maintain Excelsior

● Make Excelsior accessible for the local community

● Make Excelsior available to challenge and develop young people

Trips on Excelsior are available to young people and for private charter groups or individuals. They can be daysails, weekends or longer voyages to further afield destinations.

Excelsior has a carefully tailored programme of activities that offers young people the opportunity for change culminating in a seaborne adventure that creates lifelong memories. The Excelsior Trust aims to provide experiences that act as a turning point at which young people can be encouraged to avoid involvement in antisocial behaviour, petty crime, excessive alcohol consumption and substance abuse.
It is widely recognised that deep learning is more likely to be achieved through young people not merely being told how to do something, or indeed being shown how to do it, but rather by actually doing it for themselves. When young people board Excelsior, they enter another world: a world of adventure and challenge. They have a real task to complete; they have become a crew member and their ship has to sail safely to a stated destination and back within a set period of time. Their background is set aside in a challenging yet controlled and supportive environment. They are given a fresh chance.
Young people experience new adventures, develop new skills, make new friends, see new places and conquer their fears and anxieties. Offering young people the experience to work as part of a team at sea increases their social confidence, their ability to work with others, ability to take responsibility, self-esteem and confidence. In many cases, they amaze themselves and take away newly acquired self-knowledge which allows them to have hope and ambition they previously lacked. The results can be long lasting and life changing.