ExecBuddy is an exclusive members-only executive career job site for $100k+ and executive job seekers.  Membership fees are nominal and cover the costs of operating their job board.  Job postings for the employers are free, attracting all companies to post their jobs—not just the ones who can afford it.

ExecBuddy provides affordable options for executive job seekers and employers, making it a win-win for everyone.  By not charging employers to post jobs, more employers now have the ability to utilize an online job site to find the most talented employees.  Many companies just don’t have the recruiting budgets to pay for expensive job posting fees.  They take that out of the equation.  Now all companies, whether small, medium or large, all have the same advantage.

ExecBuddy was the brain child of a team of experts in the human resources and recruiting industries who saw a growing need in this turbulent economy for a refreshing, affordable option for recruiters and employers to post all of their jobs—not just the select few positions they could afford to post.  Their exciting launch this year took place after a year of careful thought, planning and elaborate software development.

ExecBuddy's headquarters is located in Texas, and they serve $100k+ executive job seekers and employers across the nation.