ExecuCare Addiction Recovery Center is a 10-day, holistic outpatient alcohol and drug treatment center in Atlanta. Chronic drinking or drug use damages receptors in the brain and ExecuCare utilizes a 100% natural method of repairing the brain to minimize withdrawal and reduce cravings.

 This 10-day IV protocol of amino acids, vitamins and minerals is known as NTR, Neurotransmitter Therapy Restoration. This revolutionary and cutting edge approach has allowed many chronic relapsers to become clean and sober with minimal withdrawal symptoms and an immediate rebalancing of the brain's chemistry.

After the 10 day outpatient detox, you work with Executive Director, Dr. Jacquie Damgaard to design a successful coaching and treatment plan to ensure your sobriety is maintained, This successful treatment method has served clients around the United States and other countries in the Norcross, Georgia facility.  ExecuCare is the only facility offering NTR in the Southeastern United States and its former clients attest to the benefit of healing the brain first before continuing their treatment plan. Perfect for busy executives, high profile entrepeneurs and students, ExecuCare offers a safe, medically supervised, natural solution to alcohol and drug treatment.