Executive Teknology develops and manufactures custom applications such as Remote Hand Held Measuring devices using Sonar, Ultrasonic and Laser Technology. Since we are the manufacturer versus a reseller, we are able to offer clients in the Railroad, Oil/Gas and Forestry industry the benefits of eliminating the costly manual methods of a measuring tape, ladder and stick days of the past. All the data collected is sent via standard or propriety conduits to eliminate misappropriation. Additionally, Executive Teknology develops remote sensors to detect fluid levels, Fluid Dispensing, Fluid/Gas leaks, Soil PH, Pump and Motor activity, levels of H2S, Controls to automatically shut off and much more utilizing GSM (Cellular), Radio and GPS. Call this industry the iField, Smartfield or the eField, We have it all. All information can be viewed and controlled via a Web Browser or Smart phone utilizing iPhone and/or Android Apps. Units are often placed in remote areas where electricity doesn’t exist. All solutions are self sustaining. Most clients whom utilized SCADA systems in the past are replacing or augmenting with better technology offered by Executive Teknology.

Our development team has experience within the Motorola Labs and Xerox PARC. Our solutions are utilized within the United States Secret Service and perform as specified. The Executive Teknology team of developers is capable of developing solutions for practically any need.