About Us
Executive Training & Consulting is an innovative consultancy outfit with expertise in training and capacity building.  We employ the services of experienced international trainers and consultants both from here in The Gambia and from The UK with up-to-date knowledge combined with extensive experience of working in Europe, Middle East, and Africa.  In addition to being highly experienced trainers and facilitators, all our trainers have extensive hands-on business backgrounds in senior positions before joining us and can, therefore, provide practical examples of the leading-edge technologies in use.

We work in partnership with our clients in developing capacity, in retaining it, and in effectively using it to achieve their respective development objectives. Our mission is to be the first and preferred choice for organisations in the West Africa sub-region seeking to develop and build the capacity of their institutions.

We will achieve our mission by:
1.     Listening to our customers, understanding their needs and then deliver
2.     Providing training with measurable impact
3.     Constantly reviewing our processes and procedures to ensure we become increasingly efficient
4.     Continuing the development of the Executive Training & Consulting team and the practices by which we work
5.     Building close relationships with our training partners and suppliers, based on strict quality and service criteria, in order to deliver most benefit to our customers

Our Public Programme
Our public courses which are hosted throughout the year in The Gambia are designed for groups of delegates with similar levels of experience, and include the following modules;

1.     Advanced Communication – Presentation & Report Writing
2.     Negotiation & Conflict Resolution
3.     Performance & People Management
4.     Strategic Planning & Management
5.     Budget Management Strategies

Our Bespoke Training
We also design and deliver bespoke programmes for clients mostly from the public sector in identifying and addressing the capacity constraints to ensure that The Gambia and the other countries in the sub-region meet their respective Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Our training programmes are established and conducted using the following approach;

1.     Conduct capacity gaps research and analysis of the institution
2.     Development of the content of programme to address these gaps - in consultation with the institution
3.     Provide detailed programme outlines
4.     Conduct the indentified programme(s), consisting of the agreed modules. All our training programmes consist of the necessary theories, backup with an extensive number of practical exercises based on actual ‘live’ case studies
5.     Evaluation of content, process and result, as well as possible follow-up in the form of personal or team coaching, come-back/knowledge deepening days, etc

Our areas of training expertise include;
o     Project Design & Implementation
o     Project Monitoring & Evaluation
o     Strategic Planning & Management
o     Investment & Risk Management of Public Funded Projects
o     Policy Formulation & Management
o     Budget Monitoring & Implementation
o     Economic Statistic Modelling & forecasting
o     Public Expenditure, Financial Management & Procurement
o     Donor Relationship Management
o     Performance & People Management
o     Organisational & Management Development
o     Communication – Presentation & Report Writing
o     Negotiation & Conflict Resolution

Monitoring and Evaluation of Projects
We also develop Monitoring & Evaluation plans with results indicators for adequately monitoring projects, and provide reporting on project implementation in terms of funds utilized, activities implemented, results obtained and difficulties encountered.  

Our Client Lists:
Action Aid International
Association of Small Scale Enterprises in Tourism (ASSET)
Deloitte & Touche
Department of Fisheries & Water Resources
Gambia Chamber of Commerce (GCCI)
Gambia Competition Commission (GCC)
Gambia International Airlines (GIA)
Gambia Police Force (GPF)
Gambia Ports Authority (GPA)
Gambia Tourism Authority (GTA)
Gambia Women's Bureau
Independent Electoral Commission (IEC)
Ministry of Finance And Economic Affairs
Ministry of Trade, Industry and Employment (MoTIE)
Ministry of works, Construction and Infrastructure
National Cashew Farmers Association ( NCFA)
National Women Farmers' Association (NAWFA)
Public Utility Regulatory Authority  (PURA)
The Association of Non-Governmental Organisations
Trust Bank Ltd
Sheraton SPA and Resort

‘Training and Capacity Building Experts’