Kids Can Do Anything with Character Education, however lessons for social and emotional learning are not always accessible through our public schools.  As a stay at home parent of two elementary aged kids this became a great concern for me, as I did not feel it should be up to the school alone to provide my children with "character education".  As a member of the International Positive Psychology Association and the National Association for Self-Esteem, I felt I was armed with the knowledge to piece together a program I could do at home with my kids.  This little program became a "big deal" when I was asked by my son's teacher if I could teach the whole class the same thing I am teaching my son?  Then his Principal asked if I could teach this to all the 3rd to 5th grade kids?  For more about An Exercise in Happiness visit http://www.kidscandoanything.com/happiness-exercises/ or to read what some have said about An Exercise in Happiness follow this link http://www.kidscandoanything.com/feedback/