Exorbyte core search technology, MatchMaker, is a unique proprietary database search and data matching engine, made especially for structured data such as directories, ecommerce, ERPs, etc.  10 years of intense development have led Exorbyte to breakthroughs in semantic, phonetic and algorithmic search technology.  

Exorbyte Commerce is a hosted search engine service to enhance online stores with state-of-the-art search and merchandising features which were previously only available to large enterprise online stores (eBay, Amazon, etc.)  Exorbyte Commerce Search, the Autocomplete service and our advanced reporting and merchandising system will boost any store's conversion rate and revenues.

Advanced error-tolerance search technology never leaves a search user without relevant results.  Exorbyte's algorithmic, phonetic and semantic software makes misspelled queries or synonyms product names problems from the past.  
Implementation takes less than an hour and requires no software downloads, no installation or engineering skills.  

Our advanced ecommerce search and autocomplete services enhance or replace your basic search engine.  The top reason (35% of interviewees) why online stores visitors report leaving sites without buying is because search is slow or low quality.  Google has made search the main focus of most web users.  is your search store ready?  Do you know how many people search for brands you do not carry, do you know what queries return no results?

Best search software at price small and medium businesses can afford.
Our hosted SaaS architecture is fully redundant, reliable and robust.
Our proprietary structured data search engine technology is the fastest and most error-tolerant system available in the world today.

Our Customers
Enterprise customers with matchMaker based solutions for data matching and database search.
Small and medium online stores use our fully hosted service.
Larger online stores use customized or even installed version of the service.

The Future
Exorbyte has known steady growth and profitability since it was created 10 years ago.  We are expanding in Europe and the Americas.