Exotic Angel Plants is a brand of unique tropical indoor foliage produced by Hermann Engelmann Greenhouses, Inc. Our vibrant collection of over 400 different plant varieties offers countless possibilities to enrich and accessorize any home decor and lifestyle.

Our Difference

The Exotic Angel Plants brand of unique living decor offers superior quality, unparalleled beauty, and decades of consumer success. Our private stock collection of mother plants provides uniformity and ensures exceptional growth. Moreover, we use 30% more cuttings per pot than the industry average. This results in extra dense foliage heads. We add top grade custom soil mixes designed for each variety group. And finally, sophisticated growing systems provide low light acclimation so all Exotic Angel Plants are perfectly suited for the consumer’s home.

Leaders in Trend Forecasting

Our beautiful varieties, coupled with innovative product design, strongly align with consumer trends. Moreover, each plant wears the Exotic Angel Brand logo to promote brand recognition, plant collecting and most importantly satisfied customers.

Our Product

Within ten locations (totaling 3 million square feet of glass and poly greenhouses), we grow a colorful assortment of low-light acclimated foliage. Our plants are available in seven different model sizes ranging from table top plants to hanging baskets. In addition to our standard model sizes, we introduce upscale special edition collections each year. These stylish finished products have incredible appeal with unlimited promotional opportunities.

Our Consumer Engagement

We have a robust multimedia online presence that creates a place for consumers to learn, interact and share. In fact, our Exotic Angel Plants website receives nearly 17,000 visits every month, many of whom join our plant club and engage the brand on our various social media channels.


The Exotic Angel Brand® was born in 1971 in Apopka, FL — just outside of Orlando, Florida. The name of the brand comes from the German name of the founder: Engelmann. Translated, it means "A man of Angels".