EXPANCO is a non-profit document destruction organization based in Fort Worth, Texas founded in 1980.

EXPANCO employs and trains handicapped and disabled workers, placing many of them into productive jobs in the community.  These workers display an attitude and work ethic that are truly inspiring and very rare in today‚Äôs society. Since our ongoing mission is to provide job opportunities for adults with disabilities, businesses which choose Expanco as their shredding vendor contribute directly to the community.

Expanco is a local nonprofit company, and even though we aren't as large as some of our competitors, we are just as secure if not more so, due to the types of clientele we service and the requirements they have.  Our size enables us to respond quickly, at no extra charge, to any special requests you might have.  You may not have this same experience with some of our larger competitors.  In addition, if you call Expanco with a request or concern, anyone who answers the phone can help you - no waiting on hold forever listening to elevator music only to eventually learn that the person you need can't be found.

We service all of North Texas from Abilene to Longview and the TX/OK border to Hillsboro.  Expanco is also part of the Secure Document Alliance, which is an agency that represents nonprofit agencies nationwide - so if your business is Regional or National, we will have a solution for you.