Expendable Edibles is a recipe resource for foodies and chefs dedicated to curbing food waste with delicious creativity. The brainchild of home chefs Marlene Samuels and Nancy Gershman, Expendable Edibles has grown from a repository for recipes and treatments for "perfectly good food" (2002) to a destination site for meal preparers about to use it -or lose it. The Expendable Edibles Blog regularly interviews professional chefs, recipe developers, cookbook authors and food bloggers about the tips and techniques they apply to the six categories of expendable edibles: Once Cooked, Negligible Quantities, Past Peak, Stems Skins and Stalks, Nearly Expired and Ill-Fated Creations.  With public awareness growing from exposure in The Chicago Tribune, ReadyMade Magazine and HG-TV, the duo hope to create legions of home chefs who say “Wait, don’t toss that out!” to friends and family.