Extenua technologies provide the most secure solutions for the modern enterprise. Our suite of flexible, collaborative software products enhances your security and compliance capabilities while blending seamlessly into your existing solutions and workflows.   ENTERPRISE GRADE SECURE CLOUD ACCESS
Transform the way you consume cloud storage without impacting the way your employees work. We have re-engineered secure cloud storage access via Cloud2Drive and our SAFE AI file system. Unlike any company in existence this has allowed us to create uninterrupted cloud to cloud migration, artificial intelligence for unlimited access and the world’s first true cloud file sharing system.

Enjoy the benefits of the world’s most secure approach to data protection and cloud storage access.

✔ Eliminate VPN
✔ Eliminate AES Key Management
✔ Eliminate Encryption Key Vulnerability
✔ Cloud Vendors Cannot Access Your Data

End-To-End Secure Storage (ETESS)
In-Flight and At-Rest
Public / Private Cloud, Hybrid & On-Premise