EyeClick offers a revolutionary platform for interactive out-of-home media displays. The EyeClick system can be integrated into Floor Projected Displays, Window and Vertical Displays and Table-Top displays.
EyeClick's platform provides event and tradeshows organizers, advertisers and media companies the ability to display rich interactive digital content in various public locations, including convention centers, promotions, malls,airports, chain stores, and other commercial locations. All EyeClick display systems are equipped with MotionAware technology, which detects human movements and allows the creation of rich media ads that "come to life" as people pass-by or above them, inviting people to interact with projected content.
By interacting with the Ad, people activate animations, trigger sounds, play games or interact with content applications in an exciting and captivating way which bring life and communicate the brand's marketing message. EyeClick displays are opening a new world of possibilities for brands to communicate with target consumers in out-of-home locations.
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