Eye Spy Intelligence Magazine is the world’s only independent publication dedicated to espionage and intelligence. First published in May 2001, the title is now available in 36 countries.

Often described as the bridge between ‘officialdom’ and the public, Eye Spy is extremely popular with those who work in intelligence, security, defence and specialist wings of the armed forces. Indeed, it is subscribed to by hundreds of official intelligence agencies, government training academies, military forces and security colleges throughout the world. However, its non-political - visual editorial and easy-reading style ‘demystifies’ the intelligence subject, making it equally as popular with people from all walks of life - including the media.

It is a provider of a certain type and quantity of information that is not found in any other publication. Readers are assured they will always find something of interest within its 84 full colour pages; whether it’s the inside story of a lengthy government surveillance operation, an interview with a CIA polygraph examiner, MI6’s role behind the assassination of Rasputin, or the tradecraft used by those who ply their trade in the world’s second oldest profession, Eye Spy has become somewhat of a “must have” publication in the turbulent world we live in today.