Platinum CCTV Surveillance Solutions, founded in 2002, is a leading Surveillance solution provider for homes and businesses throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and many other countries worldwide. Our easy to use PC-Based and Standalone DVR recorders provide reliable and affordable solutions for protecting your employees and family.

We firmly believe that our continued success depends largely upon the satisfaction of our customers worldwide. It is for this reason that our primary focus is to ensure customer satisfaction, from the selection of a system that will suit your needs through installation and configuration of your system.

We believe in helping our customers hit their business targets by reducing theft, employee theft and fraudulent lawsuits. By providing top-notch support and surveillance solutions, we have been able to help our customer achieve these lofty goals.

Home security has also been a growing concern for many over the past years. A simple alarm system may provide detection when someone breaks in, however it does not provide the needed deterrence or evidence to convict and get the would-be thieves and intruders off the streets. A well planned and placed surveillance system can help stop criminals in their tracks. It is this reason that we continue to assist our customers in the appropriate selection, installation and configuration of their systems.