EzyXchange - A Fintech Eco-System.

OBJECTIVE #1 - To provide a web-centric eco-system that democratizes Equity-Crowdfunding (ECF) capital raising through a low cost, digitized template process for Emerging Growth Companies (EGC).  

OBJECTIVE #2 - To help make the estimated US3T global Equity-Crowdfunding (ECF) industry a more transparent marketplace for minority investors from Main St to financially participate in private, Emerging Growth Companies (EGC) in a growing number of countries from around the world through a digital and seamless P2P interactive financial services eco-system.

OBJECTIVE #3 - To provide these minority shareholders with a platform through which they can buy and sell shares in ECF funded private companies on a broker-free basis through the Secondary Market by way of P2P based share price discovery and trading in accordance with Regulator mandated laws in  a growing number of jurisdictions.

These objectives will be achieved through four eco-system "trading boards" that provide the seamless interface that the mobile, digital economy demands access to in real-time. These Trading Boards are:

EZYCAPITAL - The Exchange sector where ECF Applicant Issuer company Listing Sponsors are able to digitally post Applicant Issuer client Offerings using Regulator approved disclosure templates and documentation processes and protocols.

EZYTRADING - The Exchange sector where Trading Members of the EZYX community are able to trade in shares of Equity-Crowdfunded private companies on a P2P basis through a digital share price discovery and trading platform, subject to the secondary market trading laws that apply to the sale of shares in private companies in the relevant jurisdictions.

EZYSHARING - The Exchange sector where Trading Members of the EZYX community share data, information and other matters of interest to the community as part of a transparent share price discovery process that facilitates the establishment of fair value/price discovery to take place.

EZYPARTNERING - The Exchange sector where Trading Members of the EZYX community are able to view JV opportunities in EGC's where the founder / owners are desirous of attracting a single working partner who participates in the EGC on an Equity Participating Management (EPM) basis.

"Turning fees to Equity"

Club membership is restricted to 500 EGC companies from around the globe. EGC companies that make CO their IPCOM (Intellectual Property Owning Company) digital economy offshore hub in the onshore mountains of CO. A hub and home base that opens both the US capital and consumer markets to these IPCOM's that enter into the EZYX, ECF capital raising process. Provided membership conditions are met, club fees convert to equity in our holding (IPCOM) company delivering a range of benefits including ongoing portal profiling if the first ECF round does not end with as successful closing. A factual reality with any capital raising program. All ECF programs for EZYX-ECF Applicant Issuer clients are premised on a progressive Book-Building process and applying / deploying known basic principles of capital raising by early stage companies.


With the release of Title III of the Jobs Act 2012, intrastate ECF laws will be largely superseded by Federal law. Not at all surprising considering that all current intrastate ECF laws are modelled in SEC Rule 147. For this reason, the entire EZYX model is structured to follow/comply with SEC rules. Pending the release of Title III, the EZYX disclosure template process is modelled on the NASAA Form U7 disclosure template and the filing/disclosure requirements of the SCOR-WEST program operated by all 11 states that form this interstate securities registration grouping. The adoption of this model helps to mitigate investor fraud and with the involvement of practicing CPA's and attorneys as Listing Sponsors, the integrity of EZYX clients coming to the market, is enhanced.


Professional advisors to EGC's seeking to enter an EZYX provided, ECF Intermediary process will appreciate the attention to detail and fraud mitigating checks and balances of the internal controls inherent in the EZYX eco-system. One that provides a clear pathway from an early stage ECF round all the way through to the new genre of digital IPO that will one day replace the current broker driven IPO model of the last century. An atavistic legacy of the pre-digital age whose use-by date has been come to pass.