F50 identifies the most promising early-stage technology companies in North America by leveraging the collective intelligence of its deep roots of startup communities, the large reach of corporate partners and investor network, and industry experts. We support the growth of these companies with corporate partnerships, market development, and venture financing; together with our global network.
F50 Produce the flagship event F50 Global Capital Summit twice a year in Austin  Texas and Silicon Valley.
F50 is based in Austin Texas, and Silicon Valley.
F50 Ventures  is an early stage investment firm focus on Silicon Valley and Austin, invested in 30+ startups, including Plastiq, Doc.AI (Sharecare), KnightScope, Voke  Oculii, etc.Our portfolio: Knightsope (IPO 2021), Doc.AI (IPO 2021), Plastic, Flirtey, Oculii, Voke VR (Sold to Intel), Invi (Sold to Google), Gummicube.