FABB is an activewear and lifestyle brand dedicated to providing women confidence and motivation through fashion-forward, high-performance, and flattering workout wear. FABB’s founders are four women, between the mid-20s to mid-50s, who are avid runners, tennis players, pilates and yoga students.

We believe that women shouldn't have to be in perfect shape just to pull off a cute workout outfit. As a result, we decided to take it upon ourselves to give women better options. FABB creates high quality, fashionable, and feminine workout wear that combines slimming designs with sport-specific functionality. We only use high quality fabrics that breathe and offer functionality needed for best performance.

FABB Activewear helps you move with confidence wherever you go! We design for active women on the go who want to look and feel good as they transition between workout to daily lifestyle activities.

The FABB Infinity Symbol
FABB is synonymous with confidence and the mindset that everyone woman has limitless potential. FABB inspires a culture of strong women who set their expectations high and strive every day to improve with never-ending determination. We hope that the infinity symbol will give women courage to keep pushing themselves to improve their lives and for becoming the best version of themselves.

We have offices in San Diego, CA and Austin, TX and all of our clothes are made with love & care in the FABBulous USA!