Financial & Corporate Relations (FCR) is a leader in corporate, financial and investor communication, providing counsel and assistance to directors and senior management.

We combine skills in media and public relations, issues and crisis management, marketing, research, writing, and graphic design and production under one roof.

Our contacts with financial journalists, analysts, brokers and fund managers are second to none among communication consultancies.

We are Australian-owned and assist more than 50 clients throughout Australia and the Asia-Pacific region to communicate with their stakeholders - whether investors, employees, business customers or special interest groups.

Since 1985, we have built a reputation for creative and effective corporate, investor and financial communication. This has been based on detailed knowledge of a wide range of business sectors and issues, sound analysis, and direct experience of assisting clients to overcome just about every challenge that a company can face.

We are skilled at presenting complex information in an easily understandable form. As a result, we assist many businesses marketing financial or technical products which need to be explained in clear text and visuals.

Importantly, we always adopt a strategic approach and never lose sight of a client’s goals, nor of its budget.