FDI Voice communications is on the cutting-edge of new Voice technology.  FDI Voice offers flexibility, convenience, and above all else, safety for everyone. It eliminates your need to text while driving.  FDI Voice is in full compliance with state laws on driving while texting.  FDI Voice is in a strategic position to support communities, local and state governments, and businesses in reducing accidents caused when texting while driving.  This is a passionate crusade to spread the word about FDI Voice capabilities through-out the United States and other countries.  

FDI Voice Activated Virtual Assistant is a One-Stop-shop for voice communications.  The activation of Kylee, your virtual assistant, will help you: dial calls, answer calls, screen calls, return calls, check email, answer email, check voicemail, return voicemail, send text messages and much more.  You only have to tell Kylee what to do and it is done!  FDI Voice is committed to providing exceptional quality services.

FDI Voice is available: 24/7/365, anything, anytime, anywhere.  For more information call
(301) 685-1856.