FHR (Fellowship Health Resources, Inc.) is a private, nonsectarian, not-for-profit behavioral healthcare organization. Incorporated in 1975, we support individuals in their recovery from mental illness and co-occurring disorders (i.e., substance use, developmental disability, related chronic health conditions).

FHR is guided by its vision of being a national leader for behavioral healthcare, program innovation, and workforce development. It continually seeks new ways to actualize this vision.

The mission of FHR is to assist people of all ages to improve their behavioral health, well-being, and quality of life.

We believe quality service is based in a culture of hope, respect, ethical behavior, and genuine caring for our clients and our employees.

We invest in the individual and never lose hope in the potential for personal growth and recovery of each person we serve.

FHR continues to develop increasingly progressive models of care, with a focus on recovery, for individuals with serious and persistent mental illness. Our organization is a front-runner in behavioral health care, working with communities to accept and support residential programs, substance abuse programs, and fully-integrative programs, such as Assertive Community Treatment. The cornerstone of such work is the organization’s deep and longstanding commitment to the principles of recovery and the inclusion of peers in the recovery process.

Clearly evident in its mission, FHR and its staff believe that all persons living with mental illness can and do recover, and with access to supports and resources can and do lead self-determined, independent, and fulfilling lives as contributing members of the community.

FHR operates 80 community-based programs in the states of Delaware, Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Maine. More than 4,500 individuals are supported daily with an annual budget of $35 million dollars.