Fill Centers USA is a network of gastric band aftercare providers. Our primary objective is to provide aftercare to people who have had the gastric banding surgical procedure. Our services are delivered by medical professionals, who have been specifically trained in gastric band aftercare. The network is unique in the sense that patients can sign up for service with one aftercare provider, but may use any aftercare provider within the network after the initial visit. For those people who travel frequently or have relocated a new Fill Centers USA aftercare provider location is only a telephone call away.
Fill Centers USA also provides a comprehensive gastric band aftercare program. In
addition to the adjustments, every new patient recieves the "Lifestyle Guide for the Adjustable Gastric Band Patient", which is a book written by Fill Centers USA. This is a user-friendly manual, written by a team of experts, which provides comprehensive information on the needs and habits of the obesity surgery patient at any stage of their journey (pre - or post operative).
We offer a "Member Resource Center" on our website, www.fillcentersusa.com. It offers Fill Centers members a forum to swap recipes, share experiences, and build friendships. Nutritionist approved recipes and fitness tips are also available at no additional charge.
Fill CentersUSA prides itself  on customer service.  We provide one toll-free number for patients to contact for appointment scheduling or to inquire about our services. Some aspects of the Fill Centers USA call center include:
Scheduling appointments
Providing information about aftercare provider services
Resolving customer complaints and issues
Following up with patients on a monthly basis to monitor progress
Coach patients in their weight loss efforts

We keep our services and pricing structure as standardized as possible.