FLG Aviation is a leading global GSA (cargo & passengers) belonging to AFLG Group, with a proven tracking record as a successful partner for a wide range of airlines: legacy, low cost, scheduled, charter, regional and tour operators.
Our international offices provide support in 25 countries within The Americas and Europe.
Our partnerships and solutions include:
- Legal Representation (Indefinite foreign air operation permit, CAA Registration of new fleet, Bond and insurance procedures, Translation and probation of documents, Traffic rights procedures, Permits to overfly territory, Monthly statistics reports to CAA, Slots procedures).
- Commercial Representation (call center & help desk, websites, B2B, BSP, GDS, airport, ancillaries)
- Ground Supervision (Passenger Services, APIS, Ramp services, Dispatch, Cargo handling, Excess baggage collection, HAZMAT / DG handling, GSC certified staff).
- Airport Coordination (Airport Authorities, Airport administration, ATC, Tour operators, Fueling, Catering, Security, Lost & Found, Mishandled baggage delivery, Communications, Hotel & Ground transportation, Crew transportation).
- Administration (Passenger taxes, VAT settlement, BSP billing and settlement, Radio-navigational services, Security, Airport services, Fuel, Miscellaneous).