From the conception we wanted FLINT to be a place for emerging and established journalists to describe their worlds and report other realities: from Perth to Pakistan: to answer the unasked questions. With a limited budget and tons of determination we provide an insight into what is possible in indie media.

In a world of new media where the shortest form is the most compelling, we are endeavouring to strike the balance between the written word and pictures in a palatable form whilst maintaining our dignity. Discussing and understanding contemporary society is fascinating to us and we want to take this discourse to a higher level, one where we can create a meaningful dialogue.

Within mainstream media we see an overriding false basis of objectivity, that is, the ‘view from nowhere’. At FLINT we enable our contributors to embrace their ‘view from somewhere’ whilst genuinely maintaining their journalistic integrity.

Its what is in front of us that matters the most, and we want to tell the stories others wont, or don’t in a clear, concise and honest way: FLINT speaks for us on the level that we want to be spoken to.