The movie is about the inner journey of a person on the run from his demons, real or not, from an unknown enemy, who may attack anywhere, anytime. Or perhaps it’s just the story of a victim, a scapegoat in a devious system… As fear confuses and deforms reality, Jay meets surreal characters and learns bits of truth on his way to salvation, or perhaps damnation…

The story touches contemporary issues like epidemics paranoia, vets PTSD, big brother conspiracy, and any shooting rampage in recent history. Yet, it never loses focus on entertaining, which is why we really watch movies! In one sentence, it's a contemporary tale of realistic madness. And if you live in this world, you are somehow involved.

Similar movies:
JACOB’S LADDER - for the war back-story and the way horror becomes psychological.
EVIL DEAD - for the surreal characters and events.
28 DAYS LATER - for the visual style and the way the infected move.
FIGHT CLUB, HIGH TENSION, THE SIXTH SENSE - for the story structure in subjective point of view, with a final mind-blowing twist.